We raised the bar for sales effectiveness by mapping and disseminating best sales practices

Leading distribution company disseminating best practices

Initial situation:

  • Strategic Planning agreed with shareholders imposed the challenge of doubling revenue by 2012
  • The business model had limited scalability because it required growth in the structure
  • Heterogeneity in sales management practices negatively impacted results
  • There was a need to work on segmentation to better explore the potential of each customer, but salespeople were focused on selling volume and products, and little oriented to understanding the needs of customers in different segments
  • Strong internal competition between sales channels and high sales turnover worsened the situation

Consultancy action:

  • A diagnosis of the best sales practices was made, through immersion in the company’s sales reality. Interviews were carried out, field trips and constant alignment with HR and directors
  • The sales performance model based on best practices was translated into a customized training program, disciplining the way of acting in sales and following a pattern of success
  • Innovative, dynamic, and hands-on didactics took participants out of their comfort zone
  • The project also included dissemination of key messages to the teams through leadership

Project Outcome:

  • Gaining support from sales leadership through managerial involvement in the design of the best practices model, emphasizing the role of the training leader and disseminator of these best practices
  • Increasing awareness of changes in the sales performance model, anticipating, and facilitating evolution
  • Capitalizing on profitability improvement opportunities to achieve the company’s aggressive growth goals

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