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Neuding is a business management consulting firm focused on changes and results through people. We are unique and pragmatic in delivering amazing solutions that generate lasting results for our customers.

What we do

We believe that directing, engaging and training people is the best way to achieve exceptional results.

We understand

Our organizational diagnosis is lucid and pragmatic for decision making. We encourage
leadership to take charge of the results and actions to overcome obstacles and seek for solutions.

We guide

Neuding helps leadership define paths and how to get there, facilitating effective discussions with concrete final products.


We train

Our trainings are exclusive and totally customized to the reality, organizational, culture and tools of our customers.














Professional Services


Cases of success

See some cases of how we help partner companies achieve extraordinary results!

Leading food company disseminated competencies in production plants through multiplying managers

Initial situation: Multinational needed to make people management processes more transparent and equip plant managers with skills to practice modern

Service company discloses its code of conduct in a practical, fun way, and adherent to daily reality

Leading service company disseminating its Code of Conduct Initial situation: The company needed to guarantee the incorporation of the Code

Project in a leading agribusiness company promoted engagement in changing the business model

Change Management in a multinational that implemented a specialization model. Initial situation: Strategic decision defined the importance of the company

Leading telecommunications company developed its managers through a leadership program

Telecommunications company develops its leadership. Initial situation: Organizational climate survey revealed that leaders did not feel responsible for the management


Our values

Simple and smart solutions!

Our solutions need to be well thought out, intelligent, but never complicated, in order to meet or exceed customer expectations. The simpler, more practical, and applicable for dissemination a solution is, the better.

Our focus is to convey the complex message in an easy way.message in an easy way.

We appreciate our customer!

More than valuing our customers, we recognize their identity and background. The clients have a lot of knowledge of the market and their company, so we welcome their practices and we seek to enhance the best they have.

Nothing less than excellent!

Consultants at Neuding seek to do their best, and have the humility to improve their best, asking and accepting suggestions with a positive attitude, in order to exceed internal and external expectations in delivery.

Transparency, Respect, Kindness and Ethics.

These 4 values ​​are reflected in everything we do. In actions, thoughts, or words with whom we work, with whom we serve, and with our customers, we will be honest in fulfilling them.

We act like owners.

We are the future of the company. Here, everyone acts like owners, with upbeat, hands-on, caring attitude and doing our best to ensure sustainability and business growth.

We love what we do!

We can (and must) innovate.

Neuding believes that opening room for the team to innovate, whether in solutions for the client, or internal improvements, is fundamental to the success of our projects and the company’s growth. We encourage different thinking, outside the box. Anyone who has the desire to innovate will have the freedom to suggest ideas and implement them.

We are a team.

We work with the mindset always to deliver a well-done job, to avoid revisions and relieve our colleague. We consider essential for the consultant to offer cooperation proactively when we plan to finish the job to be able to offer help to others. We enjoy being together and take care of each other.

Our team

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  • R. Álvaro Anes, 46 - 44 - Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP, 05421-010, Brazil
  • (11) 3031-2509 - (11) 3815-4617

Roberto Neuding

Founder and Managing Director at Neuding Management Consulting

About Roberto

Roberto has more than 30 years of professional experience in executive positions in large corporations, investment banks and international management consulting firms.

He was chief financial officer in Brazil and Latin American countries, and strategic planning leader for South America at Du Pont, CFO of the Accor Group, Director of Business Development at GE Capital and Leader of the Corporate Finance Practice at the international consultancy Arthur D. Little.

He has extensive experience in strategic management projects, mapping and disseminating best practices, change management and business development.

He is a production engineer at Escola Politécnica da USP and was the best student in his class. He has a postgraduate degree in business administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France. He is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

  • (11) 99144-7415

Márcia Neuding

Founder and Managing Director at Neuding Management Consulting

About Márcia

Márcia developed her marketing career at Johnson & Johnson, becoming responsible for one of her divisions. She played a managing role at Vitae, an NGO active in cultural and social promotion projects.

She has extensive experience in consulting leadership development and change management projects in leading companies in the financial, industrial and services segments.

She has a business degree from Fundação Getúlio Vargas where she received an award for outstanding academic performance and an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

  • (11) 99126-8777

Julia Machado

Consultant at Neuding Management Consulting

About Julia

Julia has experience at Neuding in leadership development projects, change management, strategic planning and disseminating best practices in leading companies in segments such as pharmaceutical, retail, industry, technology and foundations.

She has experience in performing diagnostics, face-to-face and remote workshops, co-facilitation, mapping skills and best practices that aim for superior results through people.

She has a business degree from Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo. Worked as a Commercial Consultant at the HR Junior Consulting at FGV.

She studied in the United States and Spain. She is fluent in English.

  • (13) 99754-5525

Beatriz Sayuri Sato

Consultant at Neuding Management Consulting

About Sayuri

Sayuri has experience at Neuding working on best practice projects, negotiation training, leadership development, strategic planning in companies in segments such as retail, services, finance, industry and foundations.

She has experience in diagnostics, interviews, co-facilitation and mapping best practices personalized for each client.

She has a master degree from Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) and a degree in Civil Engineering from Escola Politécnica da USP. She worked as a Development Consultant at Brasil Cursinhos and as a coordinator at Poli’s Cursinho. She is fluent in English and speaks French.

  • (11) 97176-8331

Ana Beatriz

Senior Consultant at Neuding Management Consulting

About Ana Beatriz

Ana Beatriz has 10 years of experience at Neuding working on numerous leadership development projects, change management, good practices, strategic planning, and training at companies in different segments such as retail, services, industry and health.

She graduated from the Brazilian Society of Group Dynamics during the years 2017 and 2018.

She has a business degree from the University of Economics and Administration at USP, where she received the award for best graduation project in People Management and for the best project of consultancy in the USP Community Service Extension Program.

Worked and lived in Australia. She is fluent in English and Spanish.