Leading telecommunications company developed its managers through a leadership program

Telecommunications company develops its leadership.

Initial situation:

  • Organizational climate survey revealed that leaders did not feel responsible for the management of their teams and many had difficulty giving honest feedback.
  • HR diagnosis confirmed that several managers did not understand the new context of the business and criticized the focus on results and cost reduction. They showed a fragmented vision of the organization, worsening processes that were already disconnected and generating rework.
  • The company wanted to implement an Excellence Management Model through Quality, favoring the development of 5 critical Competencies

Consultancy action:

  • Neuding Consultoria developed a leadership program with face-to-face meetings and provocative activities between the events
  • The program addressed: the performance cycle, the active role of the manager in the new context of the company, the importance of good communication with the team and the need for a broader vision for excellence in customer service

Result of the project:

  • The target audience of the program felt valued with the program designed exclusively for them
  • Participants reported that the project broadened their vision, promoted greater exchanges between areas, provided greater security for managers to act in people management, generating more effective results for their area and for the organization

The success of the project lead to its extension to the entire leadership of the company in Brazil and later to its subsidiary

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