Multinational bank project develops IT professionals for an advisory role

International bank with new role for IT audience

Initial situation:

  • The outsourcing of technology development functions had changed the role of IT professionals who would interface the bank’s users with external service providers.
  • From an initial executing profile, they became project managers who needed consultancy skills, focused on relationships, intermediation with suppliers, and exercising interpersonal skills.
  • The bank needed a development program that would take the IT team to this new level of operation to deal with new challenges and achieve the expected results

Consultancy action:

  • The program designed by the Consultancy encompassed diverse classroom actions for each of the 6 pillars of themes that were the focus of the program
  • The Consultancy coordinated the participation of institutions and specialist professionals in each of the pillars, using unorthodox activities, expanding possibilities beyond the classroom
  • The launch of the program was highly engaging

Project Outcome:

  • The project was awarded and considered the bank’s best development initiative, revolutionary in the design and implementation
  • Participants were enthusiastic about the development opportunity and understood the new requirements of the profile of IT professionals
  • The program’s target audience was expanded to professionals from other areas of the bank

In the participants’ opinions, the project developed new skills compatible with the new technology configuration and prepared participants to face the challenges of a more complex market context considering the most recent financial crisis.

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