Diversified group achieving better conditions for new shared services model to bear fruit

Post-deployment of shared services center

Initial situation:

  • New model of shared services incorporated the concept of process factory and started to perform operational activities common to all Business Units, aiming at gaining scale
  • With the new model, gray areas and conflicts between BUs and the service center emerged
  • The service center was poorly rated by the BUs, perceived as bureaucratic. On the other hand, the service center lacked planning and information about the requests of BUs

Consultancy action:

  • Cultural diagnosis mapped obstacles and expectations about the new model
  • Meeting was facilitated by the Consultancy, bringing together service center professionals and BUs to discuss trends, to value achievements, and lessons learned, to address benefits of the new model and challenges to overcome
  • The event closed agreements to make the shared services model a successful reality

Project Outcome:

  • The event was considered a remarkable and memorable meeting, marking the before and after in the relationship between service centers and BUs. Perceptions about relationships changed to greater tolerance and adherence to collaborative behaviors
  • The facilitation of the meeting was considered by the participants as innovative, energizing and mobilizing
  • Participants left aligned and committed, understanding that the shared services model is a reality: the better it worked, the better it would be for everyone

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