Dissemination of competencies in a multinational food company was reinforced with a development book

Multinational leader in food disseminates how to develop competencies

Initial situation:

  • The worldwide implementation of the competencies model created a favorable environment for development initiatives
  • Managers had doubts about how to develop each competency in practice. What to do to promote the growth of team members?
  • HR was concerned with avoiding unstructured development plans, with actions that are difficult to implement, generating frustration and a lack of commitment at the managerial level with the development of team competencies.

Consultancy action:

  • Neuding Consultoria created a Book detailing self-development actions to improve corporate performance and practical and simple mechanisms on how to develop each competency daily
  • The Book also contained tips on how the manager could promote an environment favorable to the development of competencies

Project Outcome:

  • The Book was made available in workshops to prepare managers for closing the performance management cycle
  • The content was recognized as a useful and practical tool to be consulted for the preparation of Individual Development Plans

The HR image was improved seen as supporter and business partner

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