Leading bank project promoted commitment, efficiency and partnership between users and internal servers

International bank implemented service platform

Initial situation:

  • Structure changes with the creation of a service platform made the flow of projects more complex. There was an urgent need to ensure understanding of the flows by the user areas and teams of the platform
  • There were no answers to every question
  • Some areas had undergone restructuring and people were fragile and concerned
  • More changes were likely to happen. People needed to see new changes as part of everyday work

Consultancy action:

  • Thematic, customized workshops brought together a mixed audience of user and professional areas of the platform to discuss how to work better together to increase the delivery of bank projects
  • Since the initial call, the workshop was an invitation to engage and build better joint solutions
  • An ingenious learning map enabled integrated vision and skillful handling of sensitive issues
  • The meetings reinforced the complicity between of user and professional areas of the platform with trust and teamwork, clarified the flows, roles and responsibilities, opened room for participants to express doubts, dilemmas, inconveniences and suggestions and established agreements regarding the way of working together

Project Outcome:

  • At the end of the workshop, 99% of participants thought that the relationships between users and platform professionals were strengthened, felt that the debates were productive and recommended that other areas should go through the workshop. Each participant had assimilated his/her part in the flow, with an understanding of the vision of the whole and felt motivated
  • Consultancy summary report made it possible to reorganize flows, including the creation of prioritization towers, definition of focal points to better meet the expectations of internal customers


  • “It is a great pleasure to work with Neuding. Not only are they able to understand the questions presented to them with accuracy and clarity, they also come up with appropriate and creative solutions and execute them brilliantly!”
  • “Dedication, accuracy in diagnosis, quality of information collected in the projects, as well as the reports produced by Neuding are some of the qualities that differentiate it positively in relation to other consulting firms we have with us.”
  • “What I say from my heart is that working with Neuding is not only the certainty of having the best technique / solution for a strategic theme, but also having a partner who is in fact committed to success and future / perpetual development of the client company.”
  • “Neuding was a great partner in Credicard’s strategic projects. The Consultancy’s ever aggregating vision has enabled us to achieve results far above the desired. It is very important for us to know that we can count on such a qualified team to address our demands.”
  • “When I think of Neuding, I think of competence and partnership. Competence in everything it does, precision in the diagnosis it makes and tireless in the search for alternatives that actually “touch” people and cause reflection and change.”
  • “Our experience with Neuding started 2 years ago with the launch of the Leadership Development Program for managers. The key points of this partnership are marked by dedication, creativity, understanding of our reality and total mastery of the proposed contents, which facilitates the eventual changes that come along the way. Congratulations Neuding for the years in the market!”
  • “Working with Neuding, during these years, was more than achieving a successful partnership; it was establishing a solid bond of joint learning, mutual respect, commitment, integrity and, above all, an intense friendship. Congratulations on the achievements and victories achieved!”
  • “Involvement and willingness to get things right are factors that guide the partnership with Neuding. Innovative projects and assistance in the merger and acquisition processes are organizational moments in which I remember Neuding supporting and and developing a different way of being at BASF. I wish you success and keep renewing the concepts… I count on you!”
  • “Neuding makes a difference! Nothing is ready or ‘packaged’, they really customize our needs and are able to translate what we think with objectivity and depth. The rest is blah, they are fast, proactive, but I really think that what most strikes me is this doing differently and transforming “problems into case studies” so that the client seeks the solution.”

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