Service company discloses its code of conduct in a practical, fun way, and adherent to daily reality

Leading service company disseminating its Code of Conduct

Initial situation:

  • The company needed to guarantee the incorporation of the Code of Conduct in the daily routine of each employee, as part of the strategic alignment.
  • The messages had to be transmitted through concepts and language easy to understand for employees of all levels.
  • The company wished to work on the issues of the Code out of a private personal perspective to avoid confusing it with administrative issues and so that it was not questioned or turned into an agenda for claims.

Consultancy action:

  • Neuding Consultoria facilitated meetings where the participants were active agents of learning instead of passive listeners.
  • To make each meeting an interesting and engaging experience, Neuding favored dynamics that increased the assimilation of how to apply the concepts.
  • Innovative, fully customized pedagogical resources enabled the Code of Conduct to be brought closer to reality, based on engaging and amusing situations. Relationships between different areas and points for improvement in the application of the Code were addressed.

Result of the project:

  • Greater adherence to the Code of Conduct was confirmed after the project.
  • The meetings were brief and dynamic, considered engaging without overloading the participants.
  • Mixed teams promoted the exchange of ideas and brought together people from different areas; thus, expanded the understanding of the applications of the Code of Conduct in different contexts.

The games format was considered a stimulus to proactive search for information. Case studies made the participants clearly see the consequences of their conduct.

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