Leading food company disseminated competencies in production plants through multiplying managers

Initial situation:

  • Multinational needed to make people management processes more transparent and equip plant managers with skills to practice modern cutting-edge management.
  • The plants’ predominant focus tended to be very technical, focused on quality and each plant had a specific reality, with a target public that valued typical examples of each unit.
  • The operating public of the plants represented a large contingent (7000 people) and needed to be reached economically.

Consultancy action:

  • Neuding Consultoria developed a guide for each plant manager to conduct brief workshops for operational employees, about organizational competencies and how to practice them daily.
  • The Consultancy trained managers for the role of multipliers with concepts, gave guidelines on how to conduct the workshops dynamics, when to present practical examples of the reality of each plant and tips on facilitation.

Result of the project:

  • Rapid and lasting diffusion of the organizational competencies in an economical way and engaging the plant leaders.
  • Plant managers thought the initiative helped understand the competencies and considered the experience promoted managerial development.

The content was considered dynamic, accessible, and adherent to the plants culture.

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