We understand

– Diagnosis

– Culture

– Climate

– Mapping best business practices

Our organizational diagnosis is lucid and pragmatic for decision making.

We encourage leadership to take charge of the results and actions to overcome obstacles and seek solutions.

We organize and document leadership thinking very well. We translate conclusions into coherent, clear, complete reports, guiding the next steps. Through our executive experience, we can bring solutions to organizational issues with realism and intelligence.

We direct

– Strategic planning and discussions

– Mission, vision and values

– Elaboration of competencies models (institutional, functional and leadership competencies)

– Action plans

Neuding helps leadership define paths and how to get there, facilitating effective discussions with concrete final products.

We work with the ideal of contributing significantly to the growth of our customers, catalyzing the maximum potential of both the people and the organizations with which we operate. We are agents and facilitators of this process as we align, disseminate, and develop best practices, to organize knowledge in organizations.

Neuding, in its 20 years of history, is recognized by clients as a consulting firm that positively marked the life of the organization and its professionals. We foster a relationship of trust and respect with our customers and maintain links that have been renewed over the years.

We engage

– Change management

– Alignment of leadership and teams

– Team building

– Facilitation of business discussions and meetings

– Endomarketing

– Innovative events

– Learning maps

After defining the direction, we design and implement dissemination strategies to win the hearts and minds of those who will guarantee the successful execution of the plans.
We use innovative engagement mechanisms, such as workshops that activate new behaviors.
We map channels to propose communication plans with effective endomarketing actions. We design the form and content of the communication, written and face-to-face, to obtain engagement, we listen to collaborators and ensure feedback from the communication process.

Our learning maps are powerful engaging tools. Discussions based on the maps reconcile the 2 sides of the brain, generating insights and engagement. These maps represent our client’s organizational reality with hints of tailored humor, subtly addressing sensitive issues. The maps provide an integrated intelligent view of the organization.
We effectively conduct alignment discussions, sharing knowledge through focus groups and

We train

Customized development and training programs, such as:

– Leadership and teams development programs

– Consultative selling

– Advanced negotiation

– Quality oriented organizational culture

– Dissemination of new behaviors

– Competency Management

– 360º assessment and coaching

– Training in best practices

– Management model and management practices

– Train the Trainer for staff delivering trainings and presentations

Our trainings are exclusive and totally customized to the reality, organizational culture and tools of our customers.
We go deep into our client’s business to learn about management practices, take advantage of indicators, control instruments, in order to bring our training closer to the reality of our customers.
We organize knowledge using a participative and interactive methodology, through interventions that raise the level of competencies of the organization.
We design methodologies and train people using a motivating approach, to ensure
engagement in the implementation of best practices in our customers.


It is a great pleasure to work with Neuding. Not only are they able to understand with enormous accuracy and clarity how issues are caused, they also come up with applied and creative solutions and how they execute brilliantly.

Human Resources Director at JPMorganChase

Dedication, accuracy in diagnoses, quality of information collected in the works, as well as the reports produced by Neuding are some of the qualities that differentiate it positively in relation to other work partners we have with us. “

Omint Human Resources

When I think of Neuding, I think of competence and partnership. Competence in everything you do, precision in the diagnoses you make and tireless in the search for alternatives that actually “touch” people and cause reflection and changes.

Santander Group Human Resources

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